Police Stun Guns

Police stun weapons are non-lethal weapons used towards assailants. Because the identify suggests, these are weapons generally utilized in police departments and safety companies and are more practical in comparison with the opposite stun weapons accessible in market.

Police stun weapons ship excessive voltage electrical prices, which quickly disable the attacker for a number of minutes. The gun works on the precept of interplay between its excessive voltage electrical prices and {the electrical} impulses of the physique. An assailant coming into contact with a police stun gun experiences intense ache, disorientation, lack of steadiness, and lack of muscle management and turns into quickly surprised.

Because the amperage is low, there is not going to be any everlasting injury or severe harm to the attacker. Furthermore, the consumer is secure to the touch the surprised particular person. That is typically true, however there have been experiences of highly effective police stun weapons which have brought about the deaths of individuals, significantly if they’d a pre-existing coronary heart situation.

Police stun weapons are simple to deal with and are compact. They’re wonderful weapons for defense towards a number of assailants. The gadgets are thought-about superb options to firearms.

Unruly suspects may be subdued successfully with assistance from police stun weapons. The officers additionally use the weapons to frighten individuals who don’t obey the instructions or to shock to mentally disturbed ones.

Among the fashionable police stun weapons are Stun Grasp SM-775, Nova Stun Gun: Police XR-5000, and Magnum ULTRON II®. Magnum ULTRON II® is a robust stun gun presently utilized in varied departments of the nation together with US Division of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the US Marshals Service.


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