Feminization Hypnosis – LIPSTICK TRIGGER SCRIPT

Earlier than you begin this session, there’s something I would love you to do. Get your make up bag. Take out your favourite lipstick. Maintain it in your hand for just a few moments. Really feel its weight, form, and floor. Then, take a better have a look at it. Discover its coloration and form. Immediately, a thought crosses your thoughts: ‘This lipstick is my good friend’, you suppose. ‘The 2 of us have a very good relationship.’ Really feel a smile unfold throughout your face, and happiness take a maintain of your coronary heart.

Subsequent, shut your eyes for a second. Breathe out. Let all air depart your lungs and flush out any particles of strangeness or standard perceptions that will nonetheless be attempting to disturb the connection between you and your lipstick.

Subsequent, open your cherry red matte lipstick, maintain it below your nostril, and take a deep breath that comfortably touches the partitions of your nostril and the within of your physique because it brushes previous, till it reaches the depth of your female core. The air you might be inhaling now incorporates the aroma of your lipstick. That is YOUR scent. YOU are the lady whose seductive aroma you possibly can odor. Really feel this thrilling sensation unfold in your thoughts and physique. Really feel it launch a spark of glowing pleasure that triggers a fountain of calm.

As you breathe out, the final tiny particles which were attempting to maintain you and your lipstick aside depart your thoughts and physique. As you breathe in once more, a assured female calm flows into each nook of your physique. Along with your subsequent breath, let go of all stress and negativity. No matter could also be happening in your life, you are actually able to overlook about it for some time, discover a quiet place, and start your session. Shut your lipstick, ship one other portion of gratefulness to your highly effective little good friend, take it with you and place it in entrance of you the place you might be planning to begin your session.


For a short second, collect your dedication. You’re decided to seek out what you are on the lookout for. You’re decided to seek out the middle of femininity in your self that permits you to stroll, speak, act, and really feel like a girl. After that, all you must do is calm down and observe my directions as I lead you in the direction of the purpose you have got specified.

Open your eyes. Select a spot on the lipstick in entrance of you. Zoom in on it and focus on all its particulars. Have a look at its texture, coloration, mild, and shade. As you strive tougher and tougher to find even the tiniest element, your eyes purchase a sort of superpower. Now you can actually zoom in on the spot and uncover much more: tiny particles in its texture, slight coloration variations, traces of your individual finger prints, dots of sunshine mirrored within the floor, easy, shiny stretches, tiny indentations.

As you deal with each element of this spot in your lipstick, every little thing within the room round you begins to fade away and assume gentle, light shades and types within the background, releasing a deeply relaxed, pure femininity. Really feel how the room round you begins to ooze this comfy, female feeling. ‘Quickly, strolling, speaking, performing, and feeling like a girl will come to you naturally!’ the room appears to say as you focus increasingly more in your lipstick, advancing in the direction of its hidden soul.

Breathe within the room’s substance and aroma. With every breath, you’re feeling extra comfy with your self, with every breath, you’re feeling increasingly more like a gentle, curvy, assured lady. You’ll be able to really feel your muscle mass change, on the point of produce a pure, undulating, female stroll the subsequent time you rise up. You’ll be able to really feel your voice field getting smaller, molding itself to supply a fantastic, female voice the subsequent time you open your mouth. Each time you breathe out, your eyelids really feel heavier and heavier, desirous to sink in the direction of the consolation of this female abode forming deep inside your physique.

However resist this impulse just a bit longer. Don’t shut your eyes simply but. The spot you’re looking at sucks you in, seduces you, and retains your consideration. Really feel its irresistible power, its magic energy. Really feel its female soul draw you in. As you retain your consideration on this spot, your physique and soul open up even additional to the assured, female calm throughout you. Let it seep into your pores and deep into your physique. On the similar time, really feel how your eyelids get even heavier. You’ve been attempting exhausting to maintain them open. However lastly they’ve grow to be so heavy, you possibly can not resist the temptation of closing them.


Shut your eyes. As your eyelids contact, they soften into one another like liquid wax, fully relaxed. A wave of calm goes by means of your physique like a sigh of aid. Lastly you might be allowed to really calm down. Let your self sink fully into the stress-free, female environment of the room. With every deep, gradual breath you are taking, fill your lungs with this candy smelling, beautifying, calming air.

Really feel the way you, the soul of the lipstick, and the room grow to be one as you breathe within the aroma and the power round you. You’re this candy smelling, stunning lady, calm and assured, stress-free within the gentle folds of her femininity. Breathe out and in inside this comfy feeling. Keep in mind what has introduced you right here. The magic of the lipstick.

Is that this actually true? Has your lipstick actually introduced you this magic current? You’re feeling the robust urge to guarantee your self yet one more time that your lipstick will make it easier to stroll, speak, act, and really feel like a girl. With nice effort, unglue your eyelids and open your eyes yet one more time. Discover your lipstick in entrance of you and see the way it fills you with happiness and aid. Little question, your lipstick is admittedly there for you everytime you want it. With a sense of deep gratefulness, breathe within the presence of your pricey new good friend yet one more time. Your eyelids are actually so heavy, whenever you breathe out, they merely sink, melting collectively much more solidly than the primary time.

Breathe in and really feel a heat stream emanate from the lipstick in entrance of you spiraling into each cell of your physique. You’ll be able to really feel an on the spot female calm unfold to your core, connecting you with nature, the world, your true self, and everyone else round you. Breathe out and let this sense sink even deeper into your tissue. Really feel how this good, pure female calm soaks the tissue and bones in your proper arm. Breathe in. As you breathe out once more, your proper arm will get even heavier, sinking additional into the floor beneath it. Repeat this yet one more time, breathe in, breathe out, and see how your proper arm sinks so deep and will get so heavy, you possibly can not elevate it even for those who tried.

Subsequent, focus in your left arm. Right here, too, tissue and bones are soaking in increasingly more heavy, female calm. Breathe in. Breathe out and let your left arm get even heavier with this treasured pure femininity. Breathe in, breathe out. Let your left arm sink deep into the cushion beneath it. One final time, inhale the essence of the nice and cozy female stream emanating out of your lipstick and really feel your left arm sink so low and get so heavy, it’s now unattainable so that you can elevate it.

Hold inhaling lengthy, deep breaths of air. Then, let the air stream again out. Really feel how the load of the right female calm in your arms seeps into the middle of your physique, and additional down into your legs. Really feel how your thighs, knees, calves and toes take in this heavy female essence and sink deeper and deeper into the cushions till you might be unable to elevate any a part of your physique. Your entire physique is soaked with female calm, and too heavy and relaxed to maneuver.

You are actually fully relaxed. Immediately, you discover that there’s a small being within the room with you, a little bit goblin who does not belief you for some motive. He thinks you won’t be an actual lady, however you might be too relaxed to pay any consideration to him. Actually, the goblin has come to carry out the final word check on you. He is aware of, if he can elevate your legs and arms, you aren’t an actual lady. But when he cannot elevate them, that is the final word proof that you’re a actual lady. Really feel a smile unfold inside your thoughts. You’ve already handed the check.

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